Business Benefits

  • Drives Business Volume - Studies have shown that ease of use and choice drives volume.
  • Convenience - No pre-registration and no new mobile software is required.
  • Easy - It's just another option during the checkout process.
  • Fast - Most transactions are completed in less than 10 seconds.
  • Proven - 90% of all mobile phone enabled payments on have now moved to 2Bill.

How does 2Bill work?

2Bill offers four simple ways to charge goods directly to a customer's mobile phone bill.

  • Texting: Texting a shortcode advertised alongside a product or service.
  • Website: Entering a mobile phone number on a website.
  • In-app: Clicking in-app advertisements.
  • IVR: Calling an IVR Autovocal system.

2Bill for your business

  • Increase revenue - Cater for the large percentage of people who don't own a credit card (45% in Ireland).
  • Hassle free - No filling out time consuming forms online.
  • Fast and Secure - Offering your customers a faster, more secure way to pay for purchases today.
  • Increase you Sales - The mobile billing industry standard has a 60-70% conversion rate on transactions completed. The conversion rate for credit card usage for virtual goods is much lower, around 5-15%. Offering 2Bill to your customers, you can significantly increase your sales.
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