How Do I Use 2Bill?
Wherever you see this icon: 2Bill  you can use 2Bill. 2Bill charges amounts to the customers mobile phone quickly and easily. Customers can be pre pay or bill pay mobile users. The charge is paid in the customers next phone bill or instantly with pre paid credit. 
Is 2Bill in operation for all mobile networks?
Currently 2Bill can be used if your phone is on the O2, Vodafone, Meteor or 3 network. At present these Operators on 2Bill are representing approximately 80% of mobile phone users in Ireland.
How much can I spend using 2Bill as a mobile payment method?
Any payment up to 30€ per day can be taken and can also be set up for continuous authorisation if required. This amount can be either as one transaction or a series of smaller transactions up to a maximum of €30 per day.
Can I use 2Bill to pay for goods and services outside Ireland?
No, 2Bill currently only operates for purchases made with Irish businesses. For payments outside the Republic of Ireland, talk to us about other payment solutions. Contact Us
How can my business offer 2Bill as a payment method for my customers?
Simply contact our 2Bill team directly with your enquiry to find out how your business can connect with us and enable your customers to pay using 2Bill contact us